Transforming Cisco's Network Orchestration and design system

Transforming Cisco's Network Orchestration and design system


Figma, Zeroheight, JIRA, Maze Miro, WebEx

My Role

Product Designer II

Method Employed

Rapid Prototyping, Interaction Design, UX research, Information Architecture, Design System, Design Documentation


Jun 2022 - July 2023



Dashboard Orchestra (NDO)

NDO faced challenges related to transitioning to a new design system, resulting in inconsistent visual styles, unaddressed customer feature requests, and performance and scalability issues.

I collaborated with cross-functional teams, including front and backend engineering, marketing, and quality assurance team leaders, to analyze use cases, prioritize releases, and streamline processes in order to effectively address the challenges at hand.

As result, I successfully launched multiple features, rebranded and implemented a new design system, enhancing network performance and scalability for major companies like CVS, Rakuten, and Verizon.



A toolkit for clear,

intentional interfaces

Blueprint is a design system for crafting accessible, human-centered products that prioritize simplicity, flexibility and fun

Blueprint Design System 2.0

Blueprint Design System 2.0, utilized by seven enterprise products within Cisco's data center, faced a critical need for alignment with Cisco Meraki's style and comprehensive component documentation.

I took charge of redesigning and managing the system and automating component documentation processes, aiming to enhance design consistency and development efficiency.

Within [X months], I successfully completed the transition, streamlined component documentation, and collaborated closely with the design system engineering team for smooth implementation. This resulted in significantly increased efficiency for both design and frontend teams, ensuring a seamless and cohesive user experience across Cisco's ecosystem.